boxeurs still

There are Boxers and Boxers. There is no middle term.

This is a film about children in the boxing world. In Portugal there are 300 children boxers. They get nervous, they cry, they calm down. They lose and gain. Most fathers support them. Mothers not so much and it hurts their heart to see other children’s fists hit their own children.

Sometimes they do not want to see but they end up sitting there, in the middle of their relatives that encourage their children, screaming and clapping, showing love and anxiety. The kids are in the ring. They are 8, 10, 12,14 years old. They have already a stage name: Ricardo "Golden Boy", Ricardo "Pretty Boy" or João "Ricky Hatton". And there are the girls: Fabiana, 9 years, Bianca, 11 years, Marcia, 14, among many others. It is a documentary that shows a reality made of dreams and hopes, fears and frustrations, joys and sorrows. These kids train to escape from the street, from wrong tracks, from behavioural deviations common in the communities they belong to, to alleviate hyperactivity or just because they want to lose weight. Many others train to become great champions one day.

By  Pedro Neves



Pedro Neves


Paulo Pimenta


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