Dreams of the Revolution at Cineavante

Dreams of the Revolution, by Pedro Neves, will be screened at Cineavante during the Festa do Avante 2023.

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Dreams of the Revolution no Cineavante
Dreams of a Revolution still

The road to Inhaminga, in Mozambique, is populated by ghosts that wander in the dark. The bullets fell silent almost half a century ago, but I can still hear their echo. I search  for revolutions whose end I don't know. All I find along the way are words that stand the test of time.

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New documentary Neighborhoods premieres next Saturday 25th

Almost 30% of the population of Porto lives in council districts. It is a special experience when districts become small towns with their own customs and traditions.


The films Cold Water and The Forgotten are playing at Cinema na Baixa

It is the third Red Desert's film this month in Cinema na Baixa, a Porto Post Doc programming. Tomorrow, at 21h30.


Hands Cut new documentary

We have a new film. Hands Cut, directed by Ricardo Leite, was presented at Desobedoc in Porto over the weekend. It offers a director's perspective on the closed borders and desperate refugees in Hungary and Serbia.


Bostofrio, où le ciel rejoint la terre at Cinema Trindade in Porto

Bostofrio, où le ciel rejoint la terre will be presented at Europa 61, with the Director of Photography presenting the film on Saturday and the Sound Director on Sunday.