Inn will be exhibited at Panorama do Documentário Português

The documentary Inn / Hospedaria will be exhibited next Friday at 21h30 at the Mãe d'Água Reservoir in Lisbon, as part of the Panorama do Documentário Português.

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The films Cold Water and The Forgotten are playing at Cinema na Baixa

It is the third Red Desert's film this month in Cinema na Baixa, a Porto Post Doc programming. Tomorrow, at 21h30.


New documentary Neighborhoods premieres next Saturday 25th

Almost 30% of the population of Porto lives in council districts. It is a special experience when districts become small towns with their own customs and traditions.


Cold Water and The Forgotten in Festa do Avante

Água Fria / Cold Water and Os Esquecidos / The Forgotten in Festa do Avante.


Shipwrecked in Shortcutz Guimarães

The film will be presented in competition, 15th May at 22h, in Cineclube de Guimarães.