Shipwrecked selected to Caminhos do Cinema Português Festival

The film, a co-production between Red Desert - Curtas Vila do Conde CRL and directed by Pedro Neves, will be featured in the Outros Olhares section of the Festival.


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Inn won the Best Documentary in Extremadoc

Our short film Inn / Hospedaria, directed by Pedro Neves, won the Best Documentary award in the "Transfrontera" category at the International Documentary Film Festival Extremadoc in Caceres, Spain.


Cold Water selected to Golden Ball Film Festival in Turkey

It is the first time that Cold Water / Água Fria will be presented in Turkey.


Geni will be in Avanca Film Festival

Geni, the most recent film directed by Luis Vieira Campos, will be screened at the Avanca Film Festival today, July 25th, at 18h30, in Dolce Vita Ovar.


Cold Water wins Special Mention at Mecal Short Film Festival in Barcelona

The documentary Cold Water / Água Fria, won a Special Mention of Onda Curta Prize at Mecal Film Festival, in Barcelona, Spain. Cold Water was selected for the Documentary Competition.