The new film Set Hares Running directed by Rui Pinheiro

The hare runs, the hound follows. Men sing, and they drink. Men cry, their families cheer. The hare dies, the hound follows.

Set Hares Running still

Written, Photography and Direction: Rui Pinheiro / Editing: Pedro Neves and Rui Pinheiro / Music: João Ricardo / Sound Mixing and Sound Design: Duarte Ferreira / Graphics: José Carlos Morais / Design: Secundino Vazquez / Cover Photograph: Rui Pinheiro / Producer: Pedro Neves / Post-production and Production: Red Desert

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New documentary Neighborhoods premieres next Saturday 25th

Almost 30% of the population of Porto lives in council districts. It is a special experience when districts become small towns with their own customs and traditions.


Tarrafal, our new documentary feature will have its world premiere at Porto Post Doc

One day almost everything turned into a pile of rubble and bush. There remained ghosts wandering through the fields, the ruins and the fog. Some of these ghosts are alive.


Hands Cut new documentary

We have a new film. Hands Cut, directed by Ricardo Leite, was presented at Desobedoc in Porto over the weekend. It offers a director's perspective on the closed borders and desperate refugees in Hungary and Serbia.


Geni by Luís Vieira Campos will world premiere at Porto Post Doc

Geni, directed by Luís Vieira Campos, will be screened on November 24th, at 19h0 in Passos Manuel, as part of the Cinema Falado section.