Dreams of a Revolution


The road to Inhaminga, in Mozambique, is populated by ghosts that wander in the dark. The bullets fell silent almost half a century ago, but I can still hear their echo. I search  for revolutions whose end I don't know. All I find along the way are words that stand the test of time.

It will be 50 years since the April 1974 revolution freed Portugal from Europe's longest dictatorship. A year later, Mozambique became independent for the first time after centuries of exploitation, torture and slavery. I was born into a family immersed in the Carnation Revolution as in a love story, which has forever shaped the way I try to look at the world. When do revolutions end? Do revolutions only end when they are betrayed? Or is it an infinite, unfinished movement, like dust waiting for the right moment to settle? Along the way, I look for traces, ghosts, echoes and words on the wind. After all, do revolutions have an end?

By  Pedro Neves
Documentary Short
Portugal, Mozambique and France / 13 min.
Color, 4K, 16:9, Sound 5.1



Samora Moisés Machel (President of the People’s Republic of Mozambique from 1975 to 1986) / Miló Mahumana, Bibi Chirindza and Clésio Mucavel (Marracuene Warriors) / Felismina Tomás Quembo, Leopoldo da Luísa Armando and Hygoor da Maria Domingos Tivane (Inhaminga Children) / Santo António and Vasco Mphola (Former Fighters from Inhaminga)

Written and Direction

Pedro Neves

Cinematography and Editing

Pedro Neves


Manuel Roberto


Ricardo Leite

Sound Mix

Maurício D’Orey

Local Producer

Milton Manenhje


Pedro Neves, Jacques Bidou and Marianne Dumoulin


Red Desert and JBA production