An old inn, located in central Porto, hosted people with few possessions for many years: prostitutes and people passing by made ​​of that place their home for long or short time.

At the end of 2013, the landlady, who sub rented the rooms, handed out the key to the owner of the house. In the 14 rooms, which make up the building, almost everything was left behind, like unmade beds and all kinds of objects such as toys, posters, chairs and ladders, clothes and shoes in closets. A diary written by a child and found onsite brings us to the kind of atmosphere - dark and violent - that would be lived in the inn. It left mainly memories that we project in time and space, echoes and sounds, images of emptiness and abandonment of a space that is no longer inhabited.

By  Pedro Neves
Documentary Short
Portugal / 20 min.
Color, HD
Online Streaming
TV, VOD, and digital platforms
Filmin Portugal
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Best Documentary in Extremadoc - Transfrontera Category, Spain.
Best Documentary in Festival Internacional de Martil, Morocco.
Grand Prix “Tombstone Prince Pavle" for the Best Documentary in International Film Festival - Prvi Kadar, Bosnia and Herzegovina.


Curtas Vila do Conde - Competition, Portugal.
Filmets International Short Film Festival - Competition, Spain.
Extremadoc International Documentary Festival - Competition, Spain.
Festival de Cine de Martil - Competition, Marocco.
FIC Lanterna - Competition, Mexico.
Tabor Film Festival - Competition, Croatia.
Panorama do Documentário Português, Portugal.
Festival Internacional de Curtas de Girona, Spain.
Prvi Kadar International Film Festival, Bosnia and Herzegovina.
Festival Internacional Camarimages, Poland.
Festival Habita, Portugal.
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Porto Post Doc, Portugal.
Mira Fórum Gallery in a collective exhibition "Power and Ilusion", Portugal.
Videoteca de Lisboa, Portugal.
Altes Finanzamt Gallery in Berlin, Germany.
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Sara Pereira, Leonel Menezes, Tiago Jácome, Daniela Marques, Juliana Constantino, Ricardo Leite, Salvador and Vicente

Written, Photography and Direction

Pedro Neves


Pedro Neves

Camera and Production Assistant

Liliana S. Lasprilla

Sound Design

Pedro Neves

Sound Recording and Editing

Alexandre Braga

Sound Assistant

Juliana Constantino and Nuno Cardoso

Sound Studio

Adega Records

Poster Photo

Rui Pinheiro


Ana Lisboa


Pedro Neves

Post-production and Production

Red Desert


Fundação Calouste Gulbenkian