The Forgotten


They are hidden cases behind barriers, windows and closed doors, rusted gates, walls that fall apart and ceilings that don't exist.

They are people that stumbled in the waste and the disillusionment, the deprivation, lost and aguish. They are people that were pushed from dreams to the ground. They are people who could be us.

By  Pedro Neves
Documentary Feature Film
Portugal / 62 min.
Color, HDV, Stereo
Online Streaming
TV, VOD, and digital platforms
Canal 180
Filmin Portugal
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Best Documentary in Transfrontera - Festival de Cine Documental de Extremadura, Spain, 2010.


Extremadoc - Festival Internacional de Cinema de Extremadura. Spain, 2010.
Fantasporto - Festival Internacional de Cinema do Porto, Portugal, 2010.
Doclisboa - National Competition, Portugal, 2009.
Cinantrop - Festival Internacional de Cinema Etnográfico, Portugal.
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Teatro José Lúcio da Silva and Cineteatro de Alcobaça - Doclisboa Extension, Portugal.
Auditório do Centro Cultural Português - Doclisboa Extension, Cape Verde.
Teatro Helena Sá e Costa, Porto, Portugal, 2010.
Auditório do Novo Edifício da Assembleia da República, Lisboa, Portugal, 2010.
Auditório do Instituto Superior Paula Frassineti, Porto, Portugal, 2010.
Auditório da Junta de Freguesia de Campanhã, Porto, Portugal, 2010.
Escola Secundária de Alfena, Valongo, Portugal, 2010.
Assembleia Municipal do Porto, Portugal, 2010.
Ateneu Comercial do Porto, Portugal, 2011.
Cinemas Lusomundo Dolce Vita Porto, Portugal, 2011.
Auditório da Assembleia da República, Lisboa, Portugal. 2011.
Cineclube do Porto, Portugal, 2011.
Cineclube de Santarém, Portugal, 2012.
Cineavante, Portugal, 2012.
Teatro Municipal de Felgueiras, Portugal, 2012.
Escola Secundária Camilo Castelo Branco, Vila Real, Portugal, 2013.
Cinema City Alvalade, Lisboa, Portugal, 2013.
Cineclube de Amarante, Portugal, 2013.
Porto Post Doc, Portugal, 2014.
Faculdade de Direito da Universidade do Porto, Portugal, 2014.
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Ramiro, Laurinda, Helena, Albino, José Luís, Candidinha and Elísio

Cinematography and Direction

Pedro Neves


José António Pinto and Pedro Neves


Carlos Ruiz and Pedro Neves

Sound Editor

Vasco Carvalho


Pedro Pimentel


Red Desert